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Uniform Information

School Uniform


At Chieveley Primary School our school colours are grey and green. Please ensure that all children's belongings are labelled.


  • Grey skirt, pinafore , trousers
  • Green checked dress for the summer - not compulsory
  • Green cardigan, sweat shirt/ jumper or sleeveless jumper 
  • White shirt/ polo shirt - plain or with logo
  • Yellow PE shirt
  • Black PE shorts
  • Trainers for PE
  • Chieveley Primary school cap with logo


Shoes : We ask that children wear a normal pair of black school shoes whilst at school, but have access to other sensible footwear for indoors e.g. black plimsolls or sensible slippers. Please provide shoes with velcro or buckle fastenings in KS1 and until your child can tie their laces. 


Bags : All FS/KS1 children are required to have a green book bag and a PE bag, which can be printed with the school logo and are available from the school wear shop in Newbury. KS2 are allowed a school rucksack, but must use this for ALL of their school belongings ie their books and PE bags.


Water Bottle : All children are required to have a labelled water bottle which can be refilled throughout the day. These must be taken home at weekends to be cleaned.


Hair: The school does not permit children to have extreme haircuts that could serve as a distraction to other children and are not in keeping with the ethos of the school. This includes patterns shaved into hair, excessive use of hair products and artificial hair or colouring. The definition of an extreme hairstyle is at the discretion of the Headteacher.


Hair accessories: All hair accessories should be Chieveley green, black or match your child's natural hair colour. In summer, hair bobbles/bands made to match summer dresses are also acceptable.


Lip balm: if your child requires lip balm for chapped lips, please label it clearly and hand it in at reception with a request for medication form.


Jewellery should not be worn at school with the exception of watches, which may be worn at the owner's risk. If earrings are worn, in cases of children with pierced ears, they should be of a plain, neat, keeper type and taped over for PE lessons.


Where to buy uniform


Our compulsory uniform (sweatshirts and PE shirts etc ) should be purchased from Trutex Schoolwear shop in The Kennet Centre, Newbury (01635 38285). All other uniform ( skirts , trousers etc) can be purchased from any High street retailer.

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