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Welcome to the Governors section of the website, which will explain the role of the governors, who they are and what they do?


The role of governors


The Governing Body oversees the running of the school in a non-executive capacity. Its role is to provide strategic direction for the work and improvement of the school in support of the headteacher and staff.


Tasks includes:


  • Discussing the vision and aims of the school and assisting in preparation of plans and policies
  • Acting as a critical friend to the school, asking questions, supporting the Headteacher, challenging proposals and monitoring progress on a wide range of issues
  • Being accountable and answerable to all stakeholders including parents, staff, pupils, the school community and both local and national government.


The full governor body is made up of parents, staff and members of the community.


To ensure effective and efficient management in the school, the governing body has sub-committees responsible for key areas of the management of the school.


These are:


  • Finance Committee (TOR)


In additional to the Finance Committee, there are other working parties which meet as required.

These are:


  • Business as Usual
  • Development
  • Child & Staff Protection
  • Other working parties are formed as necessary.


The committee and working party report in to the Full Governing Body which meets at least 6 times a year.  Minutes from these meetings can be requested from the school office.


As at 1st September 2019, the governors and their responsibilities are as follows:



Appointment body,

date of appointment and

term of office

Committee / Working Party membership

and responsibilities

Victoria Brown

Co-opted Governor

12/7/17 to 11/7/21

Chair of Governors

Chair of Development Working Party

Finance Committee

Nic Hamlin

Co-opted Governor

 6/3/19 to 8/5/23

Vice-Chair of Governors

Health and Safety Governor

Chair of Business as Usual Working Party

Finance Committee

Lucy Hislop

Co-opted Governor

7/6/17 to 6/6/21

SEN Governor

Vice-Chair of Finance Committee

Vice-Chair of Child & Staff Protection Working Party

Leanne Hogburn

Co-opted Governor

10/6/16 to 19/5/24

Safeguarding Governor

Chair of Child & Staff Protection Working Party

Development Working Party

Marie Lea Headteacher from 1/1/16

Finance Committee

Development Working Party

Business as Usual Working Party

Child & Staff Protection Working Party

Angus Marriott

Staff Governor

2/7/19 to 1/7/23

Development Working Party

Clive Nethersole

Co-opted Governor

24/4/19 to 23/4/23

Vice-Chair of Development Working Party

Child & Staff Protection Working Party

Richard Parker

Co-opted Governor

29/1/2020 to 28/1/2024


Chair of Finance Committee

Development Working Party

Andrew Taylor

Parent Governor

 25/9/17 to 24/9/21

Finance Committee

Business as Usual Working Party

Jo Campbell

Clerk to Governors from 26/3/20





Name of Governor

Relevant business



with the

school staff*

Victoria Brown None None
Nic Hamlin None None
Alasdair Heath None None
Lucy Hislop None None
Leanne Hogburn

Associate Member of Governors at

Thatcham Park School

Marie Lea

Employee of the school,

Husband is an IT consultant

Angus Marriott Employee of the school None
Clive Nethersole None None
Richard Parker None None
Sue Spence Covenant on school land None
Andrew Taylor None None
Ruth Jones Employee of the school None
Jo Campbell Employee of the school None





Name of Governor

Attendance 2019/20

(meetings attended



Name of Governor

Attendance 2018/19

(meetings attended


  Victoria Brown 8/8   Victoria Brown 7/7
  Nic Hamlin 6/8   Nic Hamlin 6/7
  Alasdair Heath 0/4   Alasdair Heath 4/7
  Lucy Hislop 8/8   Lucy Hislop 6/7
  Leanne Hogburn 7/8   Leanne Hogburn 6/7
  Marie Lea 8/8   Marie Lea 6/7
  Angus Marriott 7/8   Angus Marriott 1/1
  Clive Nethersole 5/8   Clive Nethersole 3/3
  Richard Parker 7/8   Richard Parker 6/7
  Sue Spence 2/8   Sue Spence 4/7

Andrew Taylor



Andrew Taylor






John Hopkins



GOVERNORS WHO LEFT THE GOVERNING BOARD during academic year 2018/19 and 2019/20


Governor Appointment body, date of leaving
John Hopkins Co-opted resigned 31/5/19
Alasdair Heath Co-opted resigned 18/3/20
Ruth Jones Clerk resigned 31/3/20
Sue Spence LA Governor resigned 8/7/20

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