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Visitors to Chieveley

As part of the school’s on going Safeguarding Policy, we have implemented a colour coded lanyard approach for all visitors, shown below.


On arrival at the school, all visitors must report to reception where you will be asked to sign in and where applicable, provide ID prior to the issue of the appropriately coloured lanyard.


All visitors will then be asked to familiarise themselves with “Information for Visitors” and our fire safety procedures prior to entering the school.


Green Lanyards Yellow Lanyards Red Lanyards
A DBS checked individual eg Reading Support who is able to work with pupils without need for further supervision. In the eyes of the pupils, these people are teachers and can be approached to discuss matters of concern at any time. A Governor who has been DBS checked. In the eyes of the pupils, these people are teachers and can be approached to discuss matters of concern at any time. A non DBS checked person, who should be supervised by the relevant person at all times. The pupils have been told that they should not speak with these individuals and should find an appropriate member of staff.


We take the welfare of our pupils very seriously and if, during your visit you see or hear something that you do not consider to be appropriate eg a teacher shouting at a pupil, you should report the incident to a designated member of staff, however you must never get involved in the incident.


The designated safeguarding personnel are:


  • Lead : Angus Marriott [Headteacher]
  • Deputy : Lorraine Shaw [SENCo & Inclusion Lead]



As with most schools, parking is very limited on the school site.  Please could you not park in the area to the left of school as this is for staff and note the following:


Kiss and Drop: please do not park in front of the school in the morning as these bays are for KS2 children to be dropped off only.


Afternoon pick-up: KS2 parents may use the bays at the front of school for afternoon pick-up. Parents should not leave cars unattended.


Please consider our neighbours when parking on School Road, Sowbury Park and Heathfields by not parking on any double yellow lines or blocking driveways. You can also park on the High Street and/or the Village Hall.


Please use the paths for walking into school – do not walk through the car park gates, it is dangerous!

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